Sunil Nair

Chief Executive Officer
Snowman Logistics

Mr. Sunil Nair, the Chief Executive Offcer of Snowman Logistics Limited, holds a splendid experience of over 24 years in distribution, logistics, and supply chain management. He is a torough bred alumnus of Deogiri College where he pursued his Master of Commerce degree in – Auditing and Banking.

Effective and accountable in high-profile supply chain executive roles in globally admired companies like Johnson & Johnson, Bharti Enterprises, Future Group, Foodland, ColdEX, Engaged with leading Retail / Distributions / Warehousing / Logistics and solution industry.

Being a strategic planner, he is also an effective communicator who has the gift of the gab, he can relate to people at every level of business. He possesses a keep expertise in implementation of cost optimized supply chain models in terms of logistics costs.

His flient leadership skills have empowered him to delegate tasks effectively, leading to overall optimum performance delivery. His metical organizational skills further drive the smooth functioning of the company. His proactive approach and cognitive skills have empowered him with the ability to coach any team and help overcome any complication, thereby leading to successful delivery of projects in a time board fashion.

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