Oyun Sanjaasuren

Director of External Affairs
Green Climate Fund

Dr. Oyun Sanjaasuren is the Director of External Affairs of Green Climate Fund, where she leads the fund’s work on resource mobilization, partnerships, communications and advocacy. Dr. Oyun served as the first President of the United Nations Environment Assembly, the Governing Body of UN Environment (2014-2016), and has been an active advocate for sustainable development, climate change and water security. She served as Chair of the Global Water Partnership and is an Advisory Board member of the Future Earth. Formerly, one of the leading politicians in Mongolia, she served as a Member of Parliament (1998- 2016), as Minister of Environment and Green Development and Minister of Foreign Affairs. She is a founder of the Zorig Foundation, a leading Mongolian NGO that advances democracy and supports youth leadership and education. Oyun has a Ph.D in Earth Sciences from University of Cambridge.

Sessions Associated

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