Lieke Verhofstad

Business Development Manager of Global Food and Agriculture Networks

Business development manager, Global Food & Agri Networks Rabobank

Born: 05-02-1979 Works for Rabobank since 2008

Rabobank is a cooperative bank with a mission and plays an important role in speeding up the transition toward a more sustainable food system: one that produces enough healthy food to feed a growing population while respecting producer livelihoods and planetary boundaries. To shape a future-proof food system, you need to know what can be done, who can do it, and you need the financial resources to make it possible. With knowledge, networks and financial solutions, Rabobank works together and supports clients through their sustainability transitions.

In the past few years Lieke has been focusing on Sustainable Business Development for smallholder farmers and mainly worked on ‘sustainable production' and 'reducing food losses' for emerging markets. Lieke has therefore been involved in a new carbon-platform for smallholders and in setting up a Rabo Food Loss & Waste Hub and a cold chain initiative for emerging markets

She is now part of the Global Food & Agri Networks team of Rabobank and therefore focussed on working together with large networks to get these themes higher on the global agenda and to accelerate solutions that can contribute to the transition.

Education MBA Sustainability and Systemic Change – Nyenrode Business University Degree International Business Communication – University of Nijmegen Master International Marketing – University of Eindhoven

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