Jimmy Washington

Director of Sustainability and Cold Chain Development
Carrier Refrigeration

Jimmy Washington is Director of sustainability and cold chain development at Carrier Refrigeration in Palm Beach, Florida, in the United States.

Carrier Refrigeration is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), the leading global provider of healthy, safe, sustainable, and intelligent building and cold chain solutions. Carrier Global Corporation is committed to making the world safer, sustainable, and more comfortable for generations to come. In Carrier’s way to create buildings and cold chain’s solutions that matter for people and our planet, Jimmy has taken a very significant role that he plays with passion and determination.

Jimmy is focused on advancing the growth agenda for the sustainable cold chain, which includes business development and product strategy related to emerging markets and driving Carrier Refrigeration’s food waste reduction and climate change initiatives.

Jimmy has more than 10 years of deep expertise in delivering actionable business strategies based on data-driven business insights. He joined Carrier in 2019 as Associate Director, Strategy, Refrigeration, where he led market analysis, strategy development / implementation and programs related to cost-savings initiatives across the business.

Jimmy is a driving force of change in priority areas of Carrier’s environmental and societal governance (ESG) goals through advocacy and partnerships. His commitment to contribute to building a more sustainable world and to reduce food waste and loss is directly in line with Carrier’s vision and ESG goals for the years to come.

Prior to joining Carrier, Jimmy most recently served as Senior Manager, Business Strategy and Insights for diversified manufacturer Worthington Industries.

Jimmy is Louisiana native but is above all a world’s citizen. His professional journey has taken him one year in Japan. He has been to more than 90 countries and aim to visit every country on the planet in his lifetime.

He earned an MBA from Northwestern University and a bachelor’s in business from Ohio State University.

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